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Dr. Jeff Butts, of the Lake Travis Medical Clinic in Austin, Texas, treats a Yanomami baby while the infant's worried mother holds the child gently in her arms. Infant disease and mortality are high among the Yanomami who love their children very much, but who have little access to modern medicine.




TOMA, the Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance Foundation, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health and survival of the indigenous people living in the jungles of the Amazon basin. The organization was founded in 1997 under the direction of Randall Green and his sister, Tressa, who, as the children of missionaries, spent their childhood with the tribal people of Colombia and Venezuela.

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Trip 2003 Completed

We were on the airstrip, heading for the jungle after many setbacks. The helicopter that was supposed to drop us deep into the rainforest was on military patrol guarding the border from Colombian guerrilla activity. This meant that our teams would have to use precious time to trek into the jungle through thick brush, and over streams and mountains to reach the villages that needed help.

A cargo plane was available to take the cases of medicine and half of the team to Parima, a remote jungle outpost on the Brazilian and Venezuelan southern border. They had left with the only copy of the government permit for the TOMA team to enter the protected region - home to the Yanomami tribe. When the jungle bush plane taxied to pick us up, the National Guard refused to let us leave. . ..

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Special thanks to Aventis and GlaxoSmithKline for providing TOMA with vaccines.


Satellite Phones Used for the First Time

Shelly Mauldin, RN
“ We used the phones in small rural towns, on the river, in the jungle and the savanna without fail. They provided immediate access from some of the most remote areas in South America back to our families in the US. It was a comfort to know that communication was so easy and economical.”

Motorola Satellite phones provided courtesy of Outfitter Satellite Inc.

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